(LT) QuickFX v1.1

I’ve updated my QuickFX module to v1.1. It adds support for (FF) RGB Offset, which is now available for free to use. A big thanks to Intrinsic for allowing me to include his plugin. The plugin is usually part of his Colmatic freeframe pack but he has graciously allowed me to include it in the module for free.
He has a whole lot of other great effects available to purchase on his website vjfx.com. Do check it out.

The module can be downloaded via Modul8’s online library and Intrinsic’s plugin can be downloaded from here: IscRGBOffset1_ub

Also – note that effects already included (Blacklight, Chromium & Smear) require Pete’s Plugins UB installed, they can be downloaded from here.


  1. Hey, loved the LT Quickfix module!! Yet I cant get the RGB to work. I followed instructions and it is still not working. Any suggestions?

  2. Indeed, I’ve done just as instructed- placed the IscRGBOffset1_ub.frf folder inside the Plug-Ins folder, and it still does not work.

  3. Hello! your modul seems to be great! I just got the new version of Modul8 2.7.1 on Maverick and half of the effects are not working, the slide, the chroma key for exemple, do you know why?

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