Getting 7 Day Freeview EPG into EyeTV

Now that I have my Mac Mini working seamlessly I wanted to have the normal Freeview 7 Day EPG, not just the 24hr one included in the stream. There was a handy scripted shared by Fossie on Geekzone but that was posted a few years ago and no longer works (as the xml hosting was no longer live) so I took it on my self to fix it with the new location for the XML (now

The attached Zip includes the updated script and and a compiled app of the same script. Both will do what you need to automatically download the xml.gz, uncompress and then send it to EyeTV. You can use iCal to automate it to run every week so your EyeTV is always up to date. Sweetbix.

EyeTV Freeview XMLTV Script (31kb)


  1. Hi,
    The previous script I was running (I think it was ‘Fossie’s’ one you refer to) recently stopped working so I went searching + came across yours but I am struggling to get it working. Would really appreciate if you could post or email to me more detailed instructions on how to get it to work.
    Thanks Lachy

  2. All EyeTV USB tuners are capable of picking up Freeview, there are some differences (such as some won’t do analogue). Keep in mind you don’t necessarily need to buy an EyeTV branded tuner specifically, as Elgato tuners are based on other companies tuners. Check the list here –

    I picked up a PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick which was the same price as a basic EyeTV box but has 2 tuners so I can record and watch 2 channels.

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