New Apple Products + NZ Exchange Rate = 15-40% Lower Prices

Just a quick tip – When Apple launch new products it works the new RRP based on current exchange rate of when the product is released. Sometimes this means price increases but sometimes, like now and with the NZ$ being retardedly good – a solid price drop. And the good news – no matter where the currency goes from now the prices will stay low.

Case in point – the newly refreshed Mac Mini was previously $1398 but is now $1049 (or even cheaper if you click on the educational discount link – $950). Thats a brand new Mac with half decent specs for sub $1k. The Plastic lowend Macbook was $RRP1999 – now is only $NZ1699.

But for those of us thinking now is the time to be running out and buying that 8 core MacPro at a new lower price – these lower prices are only worked out on new products – not old ones. But what this should mean that that these prices stick around until the next product refresh – no matter where the NZ$ goes.

Of course the downside of this is if you’re a NZ retailer with old stock – which you brought at the previous higher price. For the rest of us enjoy probably the most reasonably priced Macs we’ve ever had.

UPDATE – As wellygary says – the new top end 27″ iMac is even better value – 40% cheaper than the previous 24″ high end model.

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